Farmers have a great impact on society. They take care of our environment, provide us with the food that we eat. Askja's ultimate goal is to connect the consumers and the farmers in a meaningful way.

The ecosystem

Askja is an ecosystem. It is a low fee token (ASK) and a set of simple yet powerful tools ( mobile and web applications) oriented towards farming, animals and the environment.

Those applications use the ASKJA COIN as their currency. Exchanges within the ecosystem are free of fees.

Our long term goal is to connect ASKJA COIN with the ‘real world’ and enable farmers, breeders to sell and buy goods with ASKJA.

Askja is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes artificial intelligence with smart contracts to offer a wide range of services.

ASKJA has its own cryptocurrency ASKJA COIN (ASK) and a set of tools such as mobile applications and websites.

They are several entities living in ASKJA ecosystem :

  • Mobiles applications

  • Web applications

  • API

Mobile applications enable you to use ASKJA on-the-go, get notifications and use mobile phone APIs such as geolocation, bluetooth, QR code reader …

Web applications can offer more details, more options than a mobile application.

The API enables integration of third party applications.


We have been working for many years with farmers, scientists, veterinarians, people who have a passion for the environment, animals and pets. Our core values reflect our dedication to improving their quality of life. We also love to create ways to educate on agriculture and the role it has on the future of the planet.

We are focused on the long term. If we were a tree we would be an oak that steadily grows and becomes stronger over the decades of its growth. Long-term is often associated with sustainability. This is one of the important foundations of our work. It guides the way we finance, code and live :)

We care deeply about what we create. We feel like gardeners. Our applications are like plants and trees that we have to water, and nourish over a long period of time so they can grow and bloom.

Another important value that we have is accountability.


The seed : ASKJA COIN

The first steps are directly related to ASKJA COIN and will be reach in 2022

  • Private Sale.

  • Presale.

  • On Market.

Askja will be deployed on the Polygon network and will be then bridged to Ethereum.

First plants : Mobile Applications

The next milestones are related to the first mobile applications. Those milestones are to be reached by the end of 2022 - beginning of 2023.

KATLA Katla is a mobile application dedicated to horses. Users are able, from a picture to generate NFTs, sell or buy them on a marketplace. Katla comes with a custodial wallet.


Besties is similar to Katla but it deals with pets

(dogs, cats, birds…)


Year 2023 will be the year where ASKJA will make its first appearance in the real world.
Because we are located in Iceland and we have connections with Icelandic farmers, we have made the choice to focus our effort here.
In the years that follow, ASK model will expand internationally.
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