Amazing features of ASKJA ECOSYSTEM Why should I invest in it instead of other projects?

There are many projects in the crypto world that are focused on the short term with no real objectives, no true meaning or passion. We do. ASKJA. has a very clear and strong goal : helping farmers, consumers and animals over the next 20 years and if things go well, it will last even longer.

ASKJA is focused on a critical aspect of the world economy and future : agriculture and the environment. With the coming challenges that await us, especially climate change, agriculture will increasingly gain importance to be the centre of our lives. We are the tip of the blade when it comes to information technologies and farming. We have a great network of experts, farmers and professionals that support us.

We are creating ASKJA in Iceland. Iceland is a small country with a high level of adoption of new technologies. It is the perfect laboratory to launch, experiment and develop such a cutting edge project.

When it comes to features, there are many great features. Here are a few:

We are using a system of virtual currency. All exchanges within the ASKJA ecosystem are free of charge.

In KATLA and BESTIZ, a like or a heart is a micro-transaction between you and the one you send it to.

KATLA and BESTIZ have their own custodial wallets and marketplaces.

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